On brand. On everything.

Five decades earned.

For over 50 years, achievement and identity – institutional and individual, product and personal, team and player, name and brand – have been reinforced and recognized on our world-sourced apparel and promotional items, and on our custom awards and tees. For all that time, Champion Promotion’s dedication to customer brand standards, strategies, and budgets has earned the kind of trust that puts a logo in our hands and puts it on anything and everything.

Started as a family business in a barn outside of Memphis, Tennessee, in 1970, Champion Promotion has taken that family’s singular focus on customer satisfaction and shown the world what that looks like on products of virtually every description

On brand. Every time.

As Champion Promotion’s capabilities have grown, the singular focus remains: customer loyalty is earned one order at a time – every tee, every ball cap, every custom award, every item, on everything in every order.


To learn more about how Champion can help your business or brand, visit our main website at www.championpromotion.com


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